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Residential Window Washing Experts For 40+ Years!

ABOUT dr. glass Potomac


Dr. Glass Window Washing is a family operated business that values quality services and good relationships with customers. Philip Bregstone started Dr. Glass Window Washing in 1978, one squeegee and one window at a time. 

Since that time Philip personally trained all our Dr. Glass crews, emphasizing the highest standards in quality work and customer service.


"I realized this was all about service, and that 'real service,' the kind that stands out, is about interactions and relationships. With my customers, I share about who I am, and they reciprocate, opening up to me. Service is about becoming a person in someone's life."

- Philip Bregstone, founder of Dr. Glass Window Washing


They did a great job! They were polite and arrived promptly at 8 am. After they left, I thought the lights were on because it was so bright inside after Luis and crew cleaned all the skylights! 

-Kelly F., Washington, DC 

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squeegee to the stars

“When I'm here I work really hard, wash a lot of windows, kind of make the family needs," says Bregstone, scrubbing away in Washington. After that he goes to his farm near the town of Nyland.”

Bregstone, otherwise known as "Dr. Glass”, put himself through Syracuse University washing windows in his native Potomac, Maryland.


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