Dr. Glass Window Washing is a family operated business that values quality services and good relationships with customers. Philip Bregstone started Dr. Glass Window Washing in 1978, one squeegee and one window at a time.


For the following decade, this was a seasonal endeavor, washing windows to help pay for tuition as a music student at Syracuse University and later for graduate school at the University of Maryland. As his business grew, Philip started to bring others on board with him so he could wash more windows but keep the signature personal touch.


He set up his business to fit with his family-oriented lifestyle giving him ample time to spend at home with his wife, Roberta, and their two sons, Jonah and Julian and to pursue his love of music.

He also encouraged the whole Dr. Glass team to do the same. Relationships with customers and employees were always a high priority to him:

"I realized this was all about service, and that 'real service,' the kind that stands out, is about interactions and relationships. With my customers, I share about who I am, and they reciprocate, opening up to me. Service is about becoming a person in someone's life," he says. "It's not a uniform or a van, it's the person. For my clients, it's the experience of having a Dr. Glass person in their house. I talk with my clients, let them know the things I care about, who I am, and really listen to them. I get to know them, their children, even their pets.”
- Philip Bregstone, founder of Dr. Glass Window Washing

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Our window washers were personally trained by Philip to maintain the high standard of window washing for which Dr. Glass is known. We try to send the same window washers year after year so customers will get to know the window washer that comes to their house personally. 

Starting in 2000, Dr. Glass started several franchises in Northern Virginia, Annapolis and Colorado all in the mold of the original Dr. Glass Window Washing. These Franchisees still work closely with Dr. Glass headquarters in Maryland to maintain quality and consistency throughout the area.

In 2013, Philip was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This was a very difficult year for all of us at Dr. Glass. Since his passing during the summer of 2014, Roberta Bregstone, his wife, has taken over as the president of the company. The staff here at Dr. Glass has rallied to support her and in 2015 our sales numbers are better than ever. Philip’s two sons, Jonah and Julian continue to wash windows in his place reaffirming our promise of quality service...

...From our family to yours!

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