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What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

Ever wonder what the Dr. Glass window washing team uses to provide the most exceptional window cleaning services? Whether this is your first window cleaning or you are a seasoned veteran and simply curious, this article will cover what the Dr. Glass Window Washing Company team brings in their bucket.

Essential Tools for Window Cleaning


A window washing must-have! This tool removes fluid from windows for both commercial and residential window cleaning. The squeegee consists of a rubber blade, a squeegee channel, and a handle.

You may be familiar with this tool but did you know squeegees can be dated back to the middle ages? The first recorded use of the squeegee was by fishermen who used the tool to clear docks. The modern Squeegee used for professional window washing was developed in the early 20th century by Ettore Steccone.


Soap is an obvious yet crucial window-washing tool. Soap goes hand in hand with the squeegee to take on the grimiest windows. Dr. Glass Window Washing Company serves clients all over Montgomery County, Northern Virginia, and the DC area and is, therefore, no stranger to the pollen, mold, and dust that can accumulate on and around windows. We use industry-grade glass cleaner to ensure that your windows come out clean and without streaks.

Canvas Drop Cloths

The Dr. Glass Window Washing Company keeps canvas drop cloths of different sizes under all work areas. This thick fabric material is designed to absorb water and to protect surfaces from all droppings. Dr. Glass strives to keep all work areas as they were when they arrived. You may also see our window cleaners using smaller plush-sized towels as easier-to-carry drop cloths.

Surgical Towels

These absorbent window-cleaning wonders are used to clean squeegees after every swipe. Cleaning your squeegee after each swipe ensures you’re actually cleaning the window, rather than just pushing dirt and grime around the glass.


Many of our clients have second or third story windows, if not higher. With various ladder lengths on hand at every job, our team ensures no windows are left behind. Ladders are also helpful for accessing other hard to reach places that require regular maintenance, like gutters.

Sorbo Belt

The Sorbo Belt is the holster that you’ll see Dr. Glass Window Washing Company’s crew members sporting. The belt keeps their needed tools in close proximity in order to boost efficiency in the job.

Here are some of the window cleaning instruments you would expect to find in one of Dr. Glass Window Washing Company’s team member’s Sorbo belts.

  • Screwdrivers and Pliers: To get under all window panes or frames to ensure no part of the window is missed.

  • Putty Knives and Pry Bars: To gently pry open the stickiest windows.

  • Tampico Brushes: These brushes are professional window washers fan favorites, especially for residential projects. The brushes’ soft bristles make them reliable in removing all grime without damaging the window, the screen, or the window pane. The long handled Tampico brush is designed to be used on the delicate window screen whereas the short-handled Tampico brush is used more for exterior panels such as those you’d find on french windows.

  • Steel Wool: The Window Washers at Dr. Glass Window Washing company typically use double-ought grade steel wool. This extra-fine, high-quality material is designed to be used on glass to clean and polish windows while protecting them from any marks or scratches.

  • Hose Spray Nozzle: For wetting and spraying window screens.

Keeping the Window Washers Happy

In order to deliver premium service, we keep our window washers in tip-top shape. Washing windows can be strenuous and physically demanding, so here are a few other essential tools and protective measures our window washers always have on the job.

Knee Pads

You’ll find Dr. Glass Window Washers kneeling over screens, leaning over ladders, climbing on counters—really anything to make sure the window washing job is done at top quality. Knee pads protect knees and joints during long days of physically taxing work.


Because our business peaks in warm weather seasons, our window washers are prepared to be in the sun for long periods of time, so sunscreen is a must-have.

A Packed Lunch

A well-fed window washer is a happy one!

Hope this article helped you gain some clarity on what Dr. Glass Window Washing Company uses to deliver premium service in all window washing projects. We serve clients in the Montgomery County, Northern Virginia, and DC area. Check out the reviews on our Testimonials page (or Google, or Yelp) to hear from some of our clients who have trusted us to work on their homes. Can’t wait to hear from you soon!


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