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Part-Timer Makes A Fortune A Washing Windows!

Washington, D.C. - Philip Bregstone saw his window of opportunity 20 years ago, and now he's cleaning up by working at it only five months a year.

From April through August, Bregstone, 38, washes the windows of high rollers in the nation's capital and its suburbs. His client list includes New York Knicks' star hoopster Patrick Ewing, boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, former Pennsylvania Governor William Schaeffer and ex-Congressman Jack Kemp.

"They're fussy," says Bregstone, who founded Dr. Glass Window Cleaning in 1978 to support his rock-band playing at night. "They tell me they hire me because I'm fussy, too."

Bregstone's day job allows him to live in Boulder, Colo., the rest of the year with his wife Roberta, 38, and their two kids, Jonah, 3, and 4-month-old Julian.

There, he teaches music and heads up a local band.


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